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Our Treatments

Rejuvenate Acupuncture & Wellness is founded on the principle of holistic healing through a variety of treatments and services. We offer our patients a variety of treatments that are intended to improve their way of living and make their lives calmer and healthier. Get in touch today and find the right treatment for you.

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Body Acupuncture

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Electro Acupuncture

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Relax, Rest and Relieve Stress

Our years of experience have taught us the best ways to provide safe, effective treatments to care for our patients. Jump start your immune system with our Body Acupuncture treatment and start seeing results. Contact us today to start your healing journey.

Call: 808-699-0155

Healing Your Entire Body

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this form of health care uses electricity to increase the production of neurotransmitters.  The purpose of EAM is to help accelerate the healing potential to restore health.  Contact us today to start your healing journey.

Call: 808-699-0155

Balance Your Energies

Our Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment will easily help rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your muscles. When you are better relaxed, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn results in healthier lifestyles, and ultimately in a well balanced individual. Contact us today to start your healing journey.

Call: 808-699-0155
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